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Who am I?

My name is Cassie, but you can also call me Sophie or any other names listed on the front page. I'm a Secondary 6 student in 🇭🇰 Hong Kong. I study Biology, Physics and Computer Science.

I also manage my own network of services and the infrastructure of them. See ~/Services for more details.

proud owner of bnuuy.moe


Since I'm terminally online, you can reach me through a wide range of sites and services apart from a select few.



  • Gambling/Gacha
    • ăƒ—ăƒ­ă‚»ă‚«:
      • JA_JP: 234698393179963406
      • TW/HK: 7048999698589457153
      • WW/XW: 272743172185239560
    • ナュă‚čテ:
      • JP: 5007270775
      • This game is currently only available in JP markets.
    • èȓäč‹ćŸŽ:
      • TW/HK/CN: 2036715 (æ˜†ćŁ«ć€)
    • ăƒ–ăƒ«ă‚ąă‚«:
      • TW/HK: 8875367 ARVPPJDU
    • ヘブバン:
      • UNK?: recovering account...
  • osu! soopyc
  • Minecraft CatgirlSelene

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    • (backup) age17t2t5j2pnt45saq5fy2e7gn2w6q99h5myret58tqckwc283vvccs3qlqkl
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